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WARNING: This game contains Adult Content and is intended for ADULTS ONLY (NSFW 18+)

Hello to all of you!

I'm glad you've decided to visit my Itch.io page. My name is GoodTriangle and I am a starting adult games developer. If you happen to like the genre as I do, I'd like to present to you my game!


This tale is a mythical detective novel about someone named Nathan. He's just your typical, a bit stereotypical, office worker, who was forced into circumstances he couldn't possibly prepare himself for. Those circumstances truly flipped his life upside down. Maybe now he will be able to find a new family, love, a point in life. Maybe he will just become a danger to himself. And others too.

Welcome to my website 



StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Adult, Hentai, NSFW, Ren'Py, sex
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


com.project2-release.apk 343 MB
Project2-0.12u_eng-mac.zip 328 MB
Project2-0.12u_eng-pc.zip 362 MB

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ok we're getting close for the next update daaaaamn.. hope there's more sarah content.... (:

Unfortunately this time without Sarah. Maybe in the future.=)

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 


Well early access is out on Patreon, so we got what a week for it to release here


So rare to see this kind of content, even rarer to see if of such quality instead of just those illusion models or cartoon tier art. Really looking forward to more and have so many questions. Like why is S so experienced and how has she been giving A Those "lessons." How long has the mayor been hooking up with M and is that why S seems so experienced. Hoping to get answers for these questions down the line.

I'm to understand this is being developed in another language and this is a translation? How much further along is the original? I can't support it right now but when I have a bit more money and if progress keeps up I'm sure I'll be happy to, if only to get the walkthrough. These branching games can be difficult for me since a lot of the time there are options I'd just never normally pick, I jumped at the chance to play with A but it seems not taking that opportunity unlocks another scene later but I'm not sure if that's actually the case or I did something else different that time around.

I've been using initials to avoid spoilers, hope you catch on to who I mean.


Thanks for the feedback!=))

Answers, at least some of the answers, will definitely appear.)

Right. The game is being developed in another language, but I am releasing the game in English at the same time. The English version actually comes out even a little earlier.

Indeed, some scenes may be hidden in unexpected places. Regarding A (if I understand correctly who is being discussed xDD), then the second scene with her appears independently of the first. You just need to understand when A can be free in order to show interest in Nathan.=))


Very much love the game, not many good games with rori content and this is really well done art and text. What is the best place/preferred to support the project? 

Thank you very much for your feedback!=)) I have only 2 pages for support. You can choose the one that is more convenient for you.=)


Anal sex?


Not yet.


Bro wtf? Why the last comment of every hentai game i see its you asking "Anal sex?" XD

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Hey, finished what's available and played through most "routes"
and since I felt the game is already quite branching and I'd assume there'd be consequences to one's choices

May I ask what your approach would be?
Having specific paths that would "lock out" certain "content"

Or would there be a "optimal" path that would have you experience most of it? I'm asking because nowadays it's quite rare to see Visual Novels that branch out so much (and still being quite good)

that being said it was done in a quite unusual style where you don't "pick" a charatcer-specific route (or sometimes even the "harem" route) but rather being a series of choices that (at least to me) felt a bit confusing at times and I wasn't entirely sure as what to do for the outcome I wanted. 

I would love to buy this game when it fully releases, that being said, I feel like having the walkthrough behind a paywall is not the best choice, because like I said the choices felt a bit confusing at times and just because the game branches out so much... 

So I hope that when the game gets finished the guide/walkthrough will be more available.

Still, I really liked your work and wish you best of luck, take care <3



Thanks for the extended feedback!

At least 2 mutually exclusive endings are planned, possibly more.

The information that the player receives after his choices will eventually allow him to make a certain conclusion before the final. It will also affect what final choices will be available for the character.

The game will definitely not be paid. All donations are purely voluntary. Now the walkthrough is available for patrons 5$+, but maybe when the game is 100% complete I will publish it for free access.=))

I'm glad to see, that this is still in active development.

Good luck 🤞




Hellow GoodTriangle

Love the game and the art work is great, was wondering if you had a Twitter Pixiv or Baraag (Mastodon) account that we could follow.


Thanks for the feedback!=) Unfortunately, from the social networks where I publish something, there are only Patreon and Subscribestar. But perhaps in the future this will change.

Ummm....so when will the next update be releasing ??.  Excited fr the next update

Thanks for the feedback! So far I can't say for sure. If everything goes well, I guess at the end of the summer I can finish.

i can't seem to view the subscribestar and patreons progress bar.... can someone kindly tell me what percentage of the games progress?


Thank you for talking about it. The image is broken on Patreon. The indicator works on subscribestar, and there is 20%, but I think that next week I will replace the indicator with 50%.

i see.. thank you very much :)

is there a guide? i wanna unlock all the scenes also cant wait for more update

Thanks for the feedback!=)) I'll try to make the new update faster. Walkthrough is available for $5+ patrons.

I've never been this annoyed by a Mayor before... All in all it's a wonderful and suspenseful game

Thanks for the feedback.=)

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Hi GoodTriangle :)

I am following lot of people so I see all genre of games people add to their collections or rate, The art style interested me so I checked your game page, I happen to play games with sexual content but not  often.

I love the art style it is really great :)

The story is very well made, putting together time travel, detective and more genre ,you did great. I feel sorry for Nathan and hope all ends well in the end for him and for Sarah too, she is such a good girl.

I am very curious about the story further.

I found hilarious when Nathan say he knows probably what will happen when he opens a door 😂


Hey! Thank you very much for your feedback!=)) As for the good ending, we'll see. xDD


Where can I download the loli patch?


what do you mean patch? there's no patch, just download the links above and it already has it...

I think he means the loli in the title

i think he means the small convo in the classroom where you say ill have to wait for the loli patch to do more. seeing as things happen with others it feels like its already ingame lol.

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 When is the update? 


Hopefully soon, but there is no actual date set

I'll be looking forward to it!

Yeah I think we all are, wish we had a confirmed date, I just keep checking every day

Is the public version uploaded here or is it another site?

The uncensored public version will be here and on SS. The censored version will be on Patreon.

Alright sweet, I kept checking other sites Incase I missed it somewhere, can't wait for it to come out keep up the good work.

we're gonna get it soon pal =D

What is SS????

SS is Subscribestar. Link to my page in the description of the project.

then how do avatar game gets away with Loli content?????


There were other loli games on f95 before, but apparently this does not always work. Perhaps due to the fact that I already have loli on the cover and it is too conspicuous.

oh ok makes sense well at least you're game is playable do you have an update walkthrough for this reason update????

There is, but it is only available to Patrons of Tier 5 $ +

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Do we have update on time of release yet?

nope... waiting is the only thing we can do rn...


So far, the update is available only to patrons of a high tier. But in the near future I will publish a public version.

 goodtriangle.net seems to have disappeared...

Unfortunately, I am unable to pay for this website at the moment. In the near future I will try to find a way to restore it.

Any update on when it's coming out to Patreon/public?

For the patrons of the high tier, most likely next week. Public version, yet I can not say for sure, after a while.

When will the next update come out?

Any clue? 

The update is ready. I'm waiting for the right moment. Maybe soon I will release it to tier 20$ patrons and then to the public.

that number....

its scare me


I love the Lolis most cuz they're so cute and lewd!


There will be more loli in the new update.=)


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oh no...  

someone is knocking on my door

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This game is really good! I Love the Game!


Thanks for the feedback!=)

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ok we're getting close to the update, since the status bar is already at 90% and this is only my estimation and GT did not specify a date for the release of the new version...

i think it's gonna be on MID APRIL!!!!


It remains to complete the translation. I will be based on the situation in the world, but I hope to publish an update in April.=)

If you published the First... there will be consequences!

nice! thanks as always      \(Ô  w  Ô)/

GT is russian right? hope he's safe and doing ok...


Right. I'm fine, even though the situation is difficult. I'm slowly continuing to work and hope that all this will end soon and I can publish an update. Thanks for the concern.

good to know and keep up the goodwork :D and always take care

I love your game I would really like to know when the next update will come out :)


Thank you very much for your feedback! I hope that within a month, but I can not say the exact date.

Ok,Thank you :)


where's Project1


It's a mystery.=)


dang it


I really love your game!both in terms of story and painting(Sarah is an adorable girl and she is so cute!)but I really hope that this game can have more languages like Chinese language. A single language is a big trouble for some people just like me. I am from China!!:)


Hey!=)) Thank you very much for your feedback! Glad you like my game! At the moment, I even have to order a translation into English, because I don’t know it well enough. It is too early to talk about other languages. =)

I’m glad that you can reply!I will expect and wait for the emergence of more languages of this game, many years even forever!!:D


love the game

Thank you for your feedback!


i love your game. please consider bring this to steam. even if its early access or censored version. or patch outside steam. sell it for $5 would gladly gift to friends.


There is absolutely no way it would get approved for steam.

you do realise there are 2 different versions right?

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that's a great update, wish there's more but that's what the future holds for now... I've unlocked all CG's at last!  anyway i'll rate the new  update 8.5/10 =)


Thank you for your feedback! Hopefully next time there will be more content and less break. =))

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Edit, I found it I had to go to instalation files for the app and not downloads. 

How do I play tour game? I downloaded....but it's renpy? Idk how to start playing...

i don't think i understand this correctly but..

if you downloaded the APK one, you need to install it to play it

if you downloaded the PC version then, you can extract the files to a certain location then play the game..

thanks I figured it out. I was looking in downloads when I should have looked in installation files


Any news



it's already been posted in subscribestar for supporters but still not on patreon...

also i think the translation will require a week for it to be fully translated and maybe another week for it to be released publicly..

it's only a hunch and GT did not specified a date for it to be publicly released so all we can do for now is wait.. also remember the saying all good things happens to those who wait :)


Everything has already been translated. The patrons of the $ 20 tier have already received early access, in the coming days I will publish a public version on all my pages.=)

I subscribed via Patreon at that tier, where do I find it?


On Patreon, I cannot publish the uncensored version, so there I send the early access version in private messages.


How long for translation?

It's the end of the month


Version 0.11 is completely ready. It remains to wait for the translation.


When's the next update?

Very soon. Until the end of October, I will finish the remaining scenes in Russian, and it will remain to wait for the translation.

Is there gonna be sound on the next update?


There will be no sound in the next update, but maybe a demo with sound made by one of the players will be released for patrons in the near future.


Loved the game... Is there any forecast when it will be 100% finished? Can't wait to see more of Sarah, Anna and Wanda 😋. Also the story is very involving too.


Interesting VN, I liked the scenes with the obviously Highschool girls

any news on next update


More than 50% has been done, I will try to complete the update in October, but I can’t give the exact information now.

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Is there a patch available for .10? or is it being worked on

Edit: Never mind, i just needed to reinstall it.

how is the next update progressing?

Progress is slow but moving. The progress bar can be viewed on my Patreon and Subscribestar pages.=))

What is the progress on the next update right now?


Right now I am writing the text for 0.11. I don't think it's worth waiting for an update in the coming month.

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